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NewYork NewYork Casino. Why Las Vegas Weather is great for solar.

Why Las Vegas weather is great for solar

Las Vegas experiences scorching summers and mild winters, enjoying over 300 days of sunshine annually on average. These weather conditions make Las Vegas an ideal location for solar energy production. In this article, we will explore why Las Vegas weather is ideal for solar.

The amount of sunlight a location receives directly affects solar energy production. More sunlight translates to higher energy generation from solar panels. Las Vegas, with its sunny and hot climate, has an ideal combination of weather conditions for solar energy production. NREL rates Las Vegas in top 10 US cities for solar potential.

Las Vegas enjoys 310 sunny days per year (NOAA data). Moreover, Las Vegas enjoys ample sunshine due to its arid, southwestern location. High sunshine levels concentrate in summer with longer days and intense sun.

The high levels of sunshine in Las Vegas have a direct impact on the energy production potential of solar panels. According to the NREL study, Las Vegas solar panels produce 1.6x more energy than in less sunny cities like Seattle.

Abundant sunshine in Las Vegas drives large-scale solar energy projects. In 2020, NV Energy announced plans to build the largest solar energy project in the state of Nevada, a 690 MW solar project in Clark County. The project will power 260,000+ homes, aiding Nevada’s 50% renewable energy goal by 2030.

With its hot climate and abundant sunshine, Las Vegas offers ideal weather conditions for solar energy.
These favorable conditions drive the region’s focus on solar power. Las Vegas leads solar energy with projects, incentives, and resources for all.

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