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Best Solar Company in Las Vegas

Jim The Solar Guy is the best solar installer in Las Vegas for Tesla, SunPower, REC and QCELL and we take pride in being a local company. We are the only solar company in Las Vegas that can show you four different solar panels and you the client can choose which one is your best fit. We believe this fact, along with our best in-class customer service is what makes Jim The Solar Guy the top solar company in Las Vegas.





Why Solar in Las Vegas is worth it

Save Money

Going solar with Jim The Solar Guy can help you save $$$ on your home's monthly electricity bill.

No Upfront Cost

Go solar today with $0 down payment, 100% financing immediately, $0 dealer fee option or as low as .99% interest options.

Eliminate High Summer Electric Bills

Go solar and never worry again about having to pay expensive summer-time electricity bills.

Good For The Environment

Las Vegas receives an unlimited amount of sunlight- why wouldn't we harness it to do our part to protect the environment?

Federal Tax Credit

Get a Federal Tax Credit when you go solar

Get a 30% Federal tax Credit When You Go Solar. Get A Free Solar Quote with Jim The Solar Guy to learn how.


Best Solar Installers in Nevada

Work with one of the best solar companies in Las Vegas. Jim the Solar guy offers the best residential solar panel solutions for their clients and has been among the top rated Solar Installation Companies in Nevada.

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Rated a Top Solar Company in Las Vegas

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Read about why it’s worth it to go solar in Las Vegas. Learn what makes Jim The Solar Guy the best Las Vegas Solar Company. Find out just how easy it is to go solar and save money.

Las Vegas, it's time to go solar and save money!