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Where solar energy comes from?

Solar energy powers homes, businesses, and cities globally. Las Vegas embraces solar for widespread use. So where does solar energy come from? Solar energy originates from the sun, emitting electromagnetic radiation comprising various wavelengths, including visible light, UV light, and infrared radiation. Harnessing this radiation allows for conversion into usable energy. There are a few different ways that solar energy can be captured and converted into electricity.

Solar panels, composed of PV cells, directly convert sunlight into electricity by exciting electrons, generating a usable power flow for homes and businesses. Another method for capturing solar energy is through the use of concentrated solar power (CSP) systems. Mirrors or lenses concentrate sunlight onto a central receiver, converting energy into heat for electricity generation. While CSP systems are less common than solar panels, they can be more efficient in certain applications.

So what does this mean for Las Vegas? The city has long been known for its bright lights and glitz, but it’s also becoming known for its commitment to renewable energy. According to a recent report, Las Vegas ranks first in the nation for solar power per capita. In fact, the city has more than 5,000 solar energy systems throughout the city, including on homes, businesses, and public buildings.

One reason for this surge in solar energy in Las Vegas is the city’s commitment to sustainability. Las Vegas aims to reduce its carbon footprint and boost renewable energy use. Policies and incentives drive solar energy adoption. City’s solar rebate program incentivizes solar panels. Streamlined permitting process facilitates affordable and accessible solar adoption for residents. Solar energy’s role grows as the world transitions to sustainability. It offers clean, affordable, and reliable power, reducing environmental impact.