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Las Vegas Skyline during sunset. How much of Las Vegas is going solar?

Las Vegas Residents going solar, are you?

Las Vegas shines in solar energy alongside its entertainment allure. Las Vegas residents embrace solar panels with abundant sunshine and renewable focus. In this article, we will explore how much of Las Vegas has gone solar.

Las Vegas boasts high solar panels compared to other US cities. In fact, Las Vegas was ranked number one in the nation for solar panel capacity per capita in 2020, with over 2,400 watts of solar capacity per person. High sunshine levels and Nevada’s renewable energy focus drive solar adoption in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas residents and businesses leverage solar incentives. Nevada offers incentives like Solar Energy Tax Abatement for solar. Las Vegas Valley Water District and City of Las Vegas offer solar rebates for water heaters and electric systems.

Nevada Energy Office supports Las Vegas residents and businesses with solar resources, incentives, and qualified database.

In terms of specific neighborhoods and areas, there are several communities in Las Vegas that have embraced solar energy. Summerlin community in west Las Vegas actively promotes solar panels with homeowner incentives. City of Las Vegas completes solar at Las Vegas Academy, saving $3.2 million in energy costs over 20 years.

Despite the high levels of solar panels in Las Vegas, there is still room for growth. Nevada ranks 8th in the US with 2,200+ MW of solar capacity (SEIA). Nevada aims for 50% renewable energy by 2030, necessitating increased solar systems in Las Vegas and statewide.

In conclusion, Las Vegas leads in solar panels with abundant sunshine and incentives. Las Vegas communities embrace and promote solar energy use.

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